True20 Adventure Roleplaying Trademark License

If you want to publish your own True20 material, you can take advantage of the True20 Adventure Roleplaying Trademark License. This is a free license that must be used in conjunction with the Open Game License.

You can download the license itself and read an FAQ on our True20 Licensing page.

True20 Adventure Roleplaying Trademark License

True20 Expert’s Handbook Now Available in Print

True20 Expert's HandbookThe True20 Expert’s Handbook is now available in print in our Green Ronin Online Store, and at a fine game and book store near you.

True20 Expert’s Handbook

True20 Adept’s Handbook PDF Available Now

True20 Adept's HandbookThe True20 Adept’s Handbook is now available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store.

The second in the series of sourcebooks spotlighting the three primary roles of True20 Adventure Roleplaying, the Adept’s Handbook expands on the role of supernatural powers in the game, looking at alternate ways of handling them and how to customize power-sets to suit different types of adepts, from fantasy sorcerers and priests to sci-fi psionics and modern day psychics and more. It also provides expanded feats, skills, and powers for the adept role. Take your heroes and your adventures to the next level with the True20 Adept’s Handbook.

Get Yours Today!

Steve Kenson True20 Interview on The Tome Podcast

Steve Kenson recently did an interview on True20 for the Tome podcast, talking about the game, its design, and our new free license announcement. The episode is online now, so please check it out.

Steve Kenson True20 Interview on The Tome Podcast

A New Year’s Message From the President, Part One

It’s the
start of a new year and that means it’s time for me to tell you all
about Green Ronin’s plans for 2008. In the past I’ve done one big
message, but with so much going on I’m going to be doing three. The
first will cover True20 Adventure Roleplaying, the second Mutants & Masterminds, and the third will address A Song of Ice and Fire, Freeport, and more. Let’s get the ball rolling with True20.

So a funny thing happened when we were taking stock at the beginning of
the year. We discovered that we had less than 50 copies of the True20
core rulebook left in our warehouse! With all the new releases of the
Fall and Winter and the excitement of the holiday season, the steady
sales of True20 sneaked up on us and suddenly we had an
important decision to make. Should we reprint the book as is or make
some changes? We’ve decided to release a revised edition of the core
rulebook in April. Let me be clear that is not a new edition. The plan
is this: The rules content of the book will be unchanged. We will,
however, be replacing the sample settings with the entire content of
the True20 Companion. This will make the core rulebook a
terrific toolkit and a great base for moving forward. The revised
rulebook will also incorporate all the errata of both previous books. True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Revised Edition will be a softcover book that retails for only $29.95.

Our remaining print releases for 2008 are the three role handbooks. The Expert’s Handbook is up first, followed by the Adept’s Handbook, and then the Warrior’s Handbook. These books add a lot of new options and make character creation even more fun. The Expert’s Handbook should be going to print this month and release in stores in February. The others will be staggered throughout the year.

We do have one more exciting bit of news for True20 fans. We’ve decided to change the terms of True20 licensing by removing the fees. Starting in May anyone can publish True20
material for free using the current Open Game License. We will be
posting information on how that is going to work in a couple of months.
This should be good news for True20 fans, as it’ll mean even
more settings, adventures, and source material for the game. If you
haven’t checked out any of the already available third party material
for True20, do yourself a favor. There’s some great stuff out there and it’s only going to get better.

As you can see 2008 should be a great year for True20.
It is its own game, we’re happy about that, and we have no plans to
change its course. Thanks to our True Fans for encouragement and
support. We really do appreciate it and we are thrilled to see the
positive community that you have created.

Be True,
Chris Pramas
January 14, 2008

Now Available: True20 Expert’s Handbook (PDF)

True20 Expert's HandbookThe True20 Expert’s Handbook is now available in PDF format in our Green Ronin Online Store. The first in a series of three sourcebooks spotlighting the heroic roles of True20 Adventure Roleplaying, this handy sourcebook details the expert role, including new information on skills, feats, and diverse paths suited for a variety of adventure genres. The True20 Expert’s Handbook also takes an expanded look at equipment and details suitable challenges for expert characters, from traps to cunning foes and beyond. Take your characters and your adventures to the next level with the True20 Expert’s Handbook.True20 Expert’s Handbook (PDF)

Bleeding Edge Adventures True20 Web Enhancements

We have posted Web Enhancement PDFs for the first six of our Bleeding Edge Adventures products, detailing how to adapt these adventures to the True20 system. In case you’re not aware of our Bleeding Edge series of adventures for the d20 System, they are designed to provide a fun alternative to the traditional fantasy dungeon crawl. They are all available in print and PDF. If you’re not sure, why not pick up Bleeding Edge Adventure #5, Temple of the Death Goddess, available at the special price of just $2.95 in both PDF and print!Bleeding Edge Adventures True20 Web Enhancements

Now Available: True20 Narrator’s Kit

True20 Narrator's KitThe True20 Narrator’s Kit is now available in our Green Ronin Online Store. This product includes sturdiest GM’s/Narrator’s screen we’ve ever made, along with an introductory adventure for True20, "The Flight of the Stellar Galleon." Order yours today!True20 Narrator’s Kit

Out This Week: True20 Narrator’s Kit

The True20 Narrator’s Kit has made it into the distribution channels, and should start appearing on store shelves this Friday, August 31.

The True20 Narrator’s Kit is the perfect accessory for True20 fans. This handy product features a three- panel hardback screen illustrated by Chris Moeller that puts all the essential game info right in front you. The Narrator’s Kit also includes an introductory True20 adventure, “Last Voyage of the Stellar Galleon.” In it a crippled starship crashes on a strange planet that’s not on any star chart. Meanwhile, a band of brave explorers is summoned to a wizard’s tower and charged with the task of recovering a powerful artifact: a golden orb able to transport people to distant worlds. Take the roles of Stellar Galleon crewmen, trying to recover the ship’s power core from mutineers and primitive aliens with unearthly powers. Or play the fantasy adventurers, trying to take the power core from the wreckage of the downed alien ship. You can play the adventure either way, or both, making it two adventures in one! With the Narrator’s Kit and a copy of the core rulebook, you’ll be ready to jump right in to True20 Adventure Roleplaying.

Green Ronin Offices Closed For Gen Con Indy

We are all off to Indianapolis for Gen Con. Stop by to see us in Booth 2515, and check out our cavalcade of new releases at the show: Hobby Games: The 100 Best, Paragons Campaign Setting, A More Perfect Union, Hero High, Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, True20 Freeport Companion, Bleeding Edge Special: Dark Wings Over Freeport, Bleeding Edge #5: Temple of the Death Goddess, Bleeding Edge #6: Escape from Ceranir, and Faery’s Tale Deluxe. All these books debuting at Gen Con will be releasing in stores over the next six weeks.We’ll be running demos of our fun new card game, Walk the Plank, right in the booth as well.We’ll be announcing a new license on Thursday.Green Ronin’s offices will be closed through Monday, August 20th.