Damnation Decade to Support True20 Rules

Damnation DecadeGreen Ronin’s upcoming Mythic Vistas Modern campaign setting, Damnation Decade, will feature a conversion appendix for the True20 System.More about Damnation Decade

True20 On the Way!

True20 Adventure RoleplayingTrue20 Adventure Roleplaying, our new 224-page core rulebook by Mutants & Masterminds designer Steve Kenson, is now at print. This beautifully illustrated hardback is the culmination of three years of design and development. While first designed for the fantasy setting of the Blue Rose RPG, True20 has been expanded to handle nearly any genre. The four winners of our Setting Search (Borrowed Time, Caliphate Nights, Lux Aeternum, and Mecha vs. Kaiju) wonderfully express this flexibility and provide new GMs with a variety of ways to enjoy the True20 experience.

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