Mansion of Shadows True20 Web Enhancement

This PDF Web Enhancement details how to adapt Mansion of Shadows, a Bleeding Edge adventure for the d20 System by Robert J. Schwalb, into the True20 System.
Mansion of Shadows True20 Adaptation [76 KB PDF]

True20 Bestiary PDF Preview: Swarm, Tendriculos, Termite (Giant)

This True20 Bestiary PDF preview features three creature types from Chapter Two: Swarm, Tendriculos, and Termite (Giant).
True20 Bestiary PDF Preview 2 [186 KB PDF]

True Sorcery PDF Preview: Spells & Effects

PDF Preview #2 for True Sorcery, from Chapter Three: Spells & Effects, details effects possible with the spells Obscure, Pattern, and Planewalker.
True Sorcery PDF Preview 2 [201 Kb PDF]

True20 Bestiary PDF Preview: Lizardfolk, Locathah, Lycanthrope

This True20 Bestiary PDF preview features three creature types from Chapter Two: Lizardfolk, Locathah, and Lycanthrope.
True20 Bestiary PDF Preview 1 [191 KB PDF]

True Sorcery PDF Preview: The Spellcaster

This PDF preview from Chapter One of True Sorcery details the core class of the True Sorcery magic system, the spellcaster.
True Sorcery PDF Preview 1 [228 Kb PDF]

Death in Freeport True20

Green Ronin is pleased to offer our classic adventure Death in Freeport as the “gateway” adventure for True20 Adventure Roleplaying. Fully playable using either True20 Adventure Roleplaying or just the True20 Quick Start Rules, this adventure is the perfect way to get a feel for the fun simplicity of the True20 rules. And it’s free!
Death in Freeport True20 [3.4 MB PDF]

True20 Quick Start Rules

In case you don’t yet have True20 Adventure Roleplaying, we’ve put together some True20 Quick Start Rules so you can try it before you buy it.
True20 Quick Start Rules [385.1 kB PDF]

True20 Character Sheet

This is a PDF of the 1-page True20 Adventure Roleplaying character sheet. And it’s “form-fillable,” provided you have a printer and a pencil…
True20 Character Sheet [68 kB PDF]

Setting Preview #4: Borrowed Time

It’s bullet-time, or rather, Borrowed Time! Our last setting preview is of the modern high-action and intrigue-filled world where those in the know can bend time to their will.
Borrowed Time Preview [589.5 kB PDF]

True20 Adventure Roleplaying Preview #4

This rules preview presents the feat tables from Chapter Four: Feats and the powers table from Chapter Five: Powers. Enjoy!
True20 Adventure Roleplaying Preview #4 [154.5 kB PDF]