Warehouse Blowout Sale!

It’s the holiday season and to celebrate we’re having a huge blowout sale for the month of November. Whether you want to treat yourself or do some early Xmas shopping for your friends and family, you’ll want to take advantage of this sale…because most of these products are going out of print. That’s right, we’re serious when we say warehouse blowout. We have a bunch of stuff that’s either almost sold out or has reached the end of its lifecycle. Want to fill out your M&M 2nd edition or True20 collections? Now is the time!
Shop our Warehouse Blowout Sale today!

Evan Sass

Evan got his start in the hobby game industry in 1995, as a co-founder of Rubicon Games. Among other games, he has worked on Cranium, Cranium Hullabaloo, and the Pokémon trading card game. He has been editing and proofreading books for Green Ronin since our first product, Ork! The Roleplaying Game. He has been managing our web sites since about 2002. He co-designed Walk the Plank, our card game of piratical trick taking, and is our in-house Dragon Age and Fantasy AGE editor.